Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you build?

We build in all of the developments, from Sea Pines to Berkley Hall, Hilton Head to Bluffton.

Do you do free estimates for remodeling and new construction?

No, we typically charge a nominal fee to cover “time spent”. If we are selected as the builder all estimates, budgeting, etc. are performed at no cost.

How long will it take to design our project and get A.R.B. & town approval?

Design Process – 60 days average
A.R.B.Review – 30 to 45 days average
Town Review – 10 days
Total Process – 4 months average

How long will it take to build our new home?

A home 2,500 to 3,500 s.f. will take about 7 months. A home 4,500 to 6,000 s.f. may take up to 11 months.

What is the best time of the year to start construction of our new home?

The best time to start construction is between November and March. This allows you to take advantage of lower lumber prices and also to avoid difficulties brought on by the hurricane season.

What is the average building cost per heated square foot in the Hilton Head area?

The construction cost ranges from a low of $130/s.f. to 200/s.f. (This includes, porches, garage, and driveway costs, etc. *this does not include landscaping and design fees).

What factors tend to control building costs the most?

Location (a home in Wexford will cost more vs. a home in Hilton Head Plantation)
Elevation (a home built on a slab is chaper than a home built up 8 feet)
A.R.B. (Architectural Review Boards can require you to comply with “Looks & Standards” which can drive costs higher)
Owner Selections (having a builder work with you from the start of a project will help you understand “what things cost” and help you to stay within the budget)

We saw a house we liked in a plan magazine. If we purchase the plans, will you be able to build from them or do we need an Architect?

Pre-packaged or Magazine plans are a good place to start, but due to local building codes and A.R.B. design guidelines, you will probably need to hire a Residential Designer or an Architect to complete your plans.

What is the difference between an Architect and a Residential Designer?

An Architect typically has 4 years of college and two years internship. They tend to have more experience with design elements and the building process as a whole. A Residential Designer typically performs the same tasks as architects, except that they lack the educational requirements.

Do I need an Architect or a Residential Designer?

South Carolina law does not require that you use an Architect, however, some plantations or developments do require you to use an architect. If you are building a simple home and you have a very tight budget, a Designer would probably be your best bet. If you are building a home with a great deal of detail and complexity and your budget allows, an architect is probably best. Our company has had success working with both.

How much do Architects and Designers charge for house plans?

Architectural fees average $4 to $5 per s.f. and Residential Designers average $3 to $4 per s.f. Note: Some Architects and Designers charge a % of the total construction costs.

Does your company offer design services?

Yes, we work with several talented Architects and Designers.

If we already have plans prepared and approved will your company submit a “bid”?


What does “Cost Plus” mean?

“Cost Plus” means the builder is charging for actual costs plus his “fee”. Under this arrangement the owner gets receipts for “every dime spent”.

What does “Negotiated Contract” mean?

This is when the builder works with the owner from the outset of a project. We prefer this arrangement because the owner works with us on design, pricing and budgeting. We are also able to help the owner specify materials which will “fit” the budget.